Shopping Instructions

In order to properly place an order on our website, we kindly ask you to read the list of necessary steps for this.

Choose the product.

Choose the product you like, choose the right size and color (in case the product has these specifications). After selecting the options you will be able to notice that the price of the product will change based on the selected size and color.

Add product to cart.

After you have carefuly chosen a product and checked the price, if you decide to buy a product, you should click the “Add to cart” button, which means automatic addition of the product to your virtual shopping cart. After this step, the item will appear in your cart.

Check the cart.

If you want to get acquainted with all the goods in the queue for purchase, you need to scroll the page to the top and on the right side you will find the shopping cart icon. Clicking on it, you will see a list of products, with their quantity and cost.

Making a purchase.

When you have verified that the goods have been added to the cart correctly, to make a purchase you need to click the „Checkout“ button.


Now you get to the checkout page. At this stage, we will need to get information from you for billing and delivery of the order. Also at this stage in the „Order notes” window you can write additional comments that you think may be useful to us while placing your order.

Payment method.

The next step is the choice of payment method.

You can pay for your order using a bank link. By clicking on a bank link, you will be redirected to the Internet bank. After entering your user ID and passwords, you will log into your Internet bank, where you will find a pre-filled payment order with the amount to be paid for products purchased. You need only to confirm the payment. After the payment you will get an invoice to your email. On our website bank transactions are provided via MakeCommerce by Maksekeskus AS. To choose this option, select suitable bank icon from the list provided.

On our website we accept payments in euros.

Payment term – 2 days, starting from the specified document to the date and time of ordering. If at the expiry of the invoice remains unpaid, the order is automatically canceled.

It is also possible to pay cash on delivery the goods at the office store.

Place an order.

After completing all the steps, you need only to place an order by clicking „Place order“ button and then your order will be sent to work. We will immediately start to fulfill your order.

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